Audience Podcast Panel

We are very grateful to all of our TWiT listeners who participated in our annual TWiT Audience Survey earlier this year, as your feedback helps us enhance programming and select high-integrity advertisers.

Recently, Podtrac Analytics reached out to TWiT with another survey opportunity for our TWiT audience. Podtrac is giving avid podcast fans the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on podcasting through the Podtrac Audience Panel. Your participation will help the podcast industry, including the TWiT network, by providing anonymous information about the trends and needs of podcast audiences. Participation includes no more than 6 yearly podcast related surveys, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Additionally, some surveys may offer free gift cards as a thank you for participating. If you’re interested, you can sign up by entering your name and email at

As always, we are very grateful to all of our TWiT listeners, as your support makes all of this possible.

Lisa Laporte


Special Coverage: E3 2016

We’re kicking off your summer gaming with full coverage of E3 2016. What will Microsoft and Sony announce in their keynotes this year? There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Xbox "Scorpio" and the PS4 "NEO." Nintendo will skip the keynote this year; they’re expected to launch Nintendo NX next March and will dedicate Tuesday’s livestream to Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, and Legend of Zelda gameplay. We’re also looking forward to blockbuster VR game releases for HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR.

Be sure to subscribe to TWiT Live Specials and don’t miss Father Robert Ballecer’s live coverage of E3 2016 on Wednesday, June 15th.


Kate Returns!

This Saturday May 7th marks the one year anniversary of The New Screen Savers. Joining Leo on episode 52 is none other than Kate Botello! The original Screen Savers team is back together. We’ll catch up with Kate and a great show is planned. Contestants from the TBS reality show America's Greatest Makers will be in studio. Plus, meet Ian Burkhart the quadriplegic who can use his hands and even play Guitar Hero thanks to a chip in his brain. He is joined by the team from Ohio State University and Battelle Memorial Institute who performed the surgery and developed the computer system that bypasses his nerves.

The New Screen Savers is our most successful show from launch and the second most downloaded on the TWiT network. You can watch the show live on Saturday at 3pm PT on the Live Stream. If you haven’t watched it yet, remember to click on the subscribe buttons on the show page so you never miss an episode.


Windows Weekly Meet-up with Mary Jo and Paul

On the last day of Microsoft Build Developer Conference join Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott and other TWiT fans from 4-7pm at Red Dog Restaurant in San Francisco. It’s a great opportunity to chat with the hosts of Windows Weekly and catch up with all that happened at Build. 

April 1, 2016
4pm-7pm PT
Red Dog Restaurant & Bar 303 2nd Street, San Francisco. CA. 94107 

Live Coverage from the Game Developers Conference

Today join Father Robert Ballecer, SJ and OMG Chad Johnson at the Game Developers Conference from San Francisco. They will have live hits throughout the day on our Live Stream. Also, follow our @twitlive Twitter feed for updates. Don't forget to visit the TWiT Live Specials Page for the full wrap-up of GDC 2016. 

This year the big excitement is around VR. Last night Sony officially announced the PlayStation VR is coming in October for $399. Check out the TWiT Facebook and Twitter pages for more videos and updates.